Everything we sell is grown organically on Cate Farm in Vermont.


Our vegetables and herbs are grown without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Organic farming’s principles stem from a few basic premises: soil is the source of life; healthy soil grows healthy plants that naturally resist pests and disease; and healthy plants provide nutritious food.

Building and maintaining healthy soil is a primary goal at Cate Farm. Healthy soil is full of microbial life, has plenty of organic matter and has the proper balance of nutrients and minerals. Organic practices prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals because these substances damage soil health, create environmental problems like water pollution, and are a health risk for workers and consumers.

Organic farming is not so much about what is avoided, but rather what techniques are employed. Soil health and fertility are built up with compost, cover crops, rotations, and naturally occurring sea and rock minerals. Timely cultivation and cover crops effectively control weeds. Healthy soils and plants, coupled with crop rotations, naturally repel pests and disease.

We are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, an independent third party certifier that assures strict organic standards are adhered to. We hope you enjoy our products.