Our History

 In the 1790’s Suzanna and Enoch Cate settled what is now known as the Cate Farm. Their descendants owned the farm until 1901. After that, it was bought and sold a number of times, but continued as a dairy or sheep farm. In 1964, Goddard College purchased Cate Farm and used it for faculty residence. Additionally, Bread and Puppet Theater was housed on the farm in the early 1970’s. We bought the farm in 1981 and have been growing organic vegetables and herbs ever since!

Our Mission

Cate Farm grows a wide variety of certified organic herb, flower, and vegetable seedlings, as well as second year perennial flowers. We start everything from seed here on Cate Farm. Our aim is to provide Central Vermont gardeners with the plants and know-how to grow the best gardens ever. We constantly trial new varieties, and appreciate any suggestions you may have. For tips on growing and transplanting, check out our Resources page.

Where to Find Our Produce and Seedlings